Surface Chemical Dispersant Application Specialist

2 Days

Oil spill dispersants are liquids that are sprayed from boats and aircraft onto spilled oil on the sea with the intention of causing the oil to be dispersed into the water column accelerating natural biodegradation processes. Many countries consider dispersants an important tool in oil spill response. Under the right conditions dispersants can be an effective strategy in combatting oil spills.

The dispersants course is designed to equip participants with the appropriate skills and knowledge to undertake effective dispersant application from either vessel or aircraft mounted platforms.

This course provides detailed information and training on a wide range of topics from; what are dispersants? Correct application techniques, safety considerations, mission planning and equipment maintenance. This courses provides a 50:50 balance of theory and practical hands-on assembly and deployment of dispersant application systems to give response personnel every chance to put theory into practice and hone their newly gained skills.

Response personnel, boat crews and air crews identified to operate dispersant application systems and response supervisors who have a responsibility for ensuring the effective implementation of dispersant application strategy.

  • What are dispersants
  • Dispersant capabilities and limitations
  • NEBA for dispersants
  • Application techniques
  • Dispersant use safety
  • Logistics and resupply requirements
  • National regulations
  • Equipment maintenance and rehabilitation
  • Practical exercises