Shoreline Oil Spill Response for First Responders & Supervisors

2 Days

Shoreline clean-up is the most visible element of spill response.

Shoreline protection, containment and recovery is just one of many response options available in the oil spill response toolbox. It involves the collection of oil from the water’s surface and from the shoreline substrate.

Shoreline response is often a time, finance and resource consuming activity.

This two day training course of presentations, group discussions and practical equipment hands-on deployment sessions provides a grounding in the operational challenges facing responders and supervisors when deploying resources for shoreline response.  The course provides the background knowledge and practical deployment participation to allow course attendees to develop the skills required to effectively participate and supervise shoreline response operations.

This course could form part of company and/or statutory deployment exercise programme requirements.

First responders and supervisors who are identified to deploy shoreline protection and clean-up resources to oil spill incidents.

  • Fate and behaviour of spilled oil
  • Net environmental benefit analysis
  • Shoreline protection and clean-up techniques
  • Realistic and achievable end points and termination criteria
  • Shoreline segregation – zoning
  • Responder safety
  • Equipment care
  • Waste and temporary storage