On-Land Oil Spill Response for First Responders & Supervisors

2 Days

Many more oil spills occur on-land than they do on water. With tens of thousands of kilometers of pipelines, rail and road networks criss-crossing the land carrying oil daily around the world, on-land spills are an every present hazard.

This course provides an introduction and overview to the challenges of responding to oil spills on-land.  The course provides the knowledge to allow participants to develop the skills to effectively participate and supervise as a member of an on-land oil spill response team.

This two days training course includes presentations, group discussions to improve responder’s knowledge and awareness of on-land oil spills so that they can respond more effectively and efficiently.

This course could form part of company and/or statutory deployment exercise programme requirements..

First responders and supervisors who are identified to provide clean-up to oil spill incidents emanating from on-land sources such as; pipelines, tank farms and road tanker rollovers.

  • Terrain types and characteristics
  • Fate and behaviour of spilled oil on-land
  • Resource protection
  • Response options
  • Selecting the right response strategy & techniques
  • Response safety
  • Waste and temporary storage
  • Case studies